If you’re in the hospitality business, we're in your business and have been for 20+ years.

We have helped create outperforming businesses based on an approach to crafting hospitality brands called Brand Centred Management.

Follow this little logic-flow if you will: you begin by creating a unique, relevant and compelling Brand Core, the ultimate objective of which is to have guests think about you in a particular manner, in turn creating affinity and loyalty to the brand, which is good for business.

But how are such perceptions secured?

Unlike the often-commoditised world of product brands, which are built in the main by shaping marketing and packaging fantasy, service brands have a much greater capacity for the reality itself to be unique, through the variety of activities, facilities and environments offered, the unique culture of the organistion, and because of the ever-changing interface between guests and front-line staff. That means to realise the desired perceptions of a service business, the reality itself needs to be shaped and nurtured by the positioning.

And how is that achieved?

By crafting the organisation's goals, culture, structure, systems, and environments around the positioning, because it’s only by having team members who think and act in a brand-led manner will businesses create consistently and authentically-unique experiences that ultimately result in the desired guest perceptions.