The Brand Core

The Brand Core is the frame of reference that guides all organisational and guest experiences.

It is derived from a Discovery process that assesses four key data sources:


This looks at the company's aims, culture, resources and skills. There is little point in positioning a brand that the company is ill-equipped to deliver.

Competitors & Comparables

We assess both those brands that will compete directly for your customers' dollars, as well as those in other markets that might help shape certain aspects of the guest experience.



Who is your core customer target around which the brand can be shaped? What turns them on and off? What are their emotional and rational needs? How do they live their lives? What do they want from a hospitality brand? How do they perceive the industry as a whole and brands individually?


How is the world changing culturally, socially, environmentally and how will this have an impact on the nature of innovative hotel brands?

The combined data is assessed in terms of the implications and opportunities for the brand, from which the resulting Brand Core is crafted: a brand focus that must be relevant and inspiring to guests, distinct from the competition and credible for the organisation to deliver.